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Flood your car with a cocoon of mind-calming, body fortifying blue orgone energy- it's literally lifeforce on tap! 

The Car EMR Harmonizer is a totally portable Electromagnetic Radiation neutralizer which eliminates all noxious EMR energies caused by the car’s electrical system,the back seat area over the fuel tank ,and also ELiminates the depleting effects of other outside noxious energies such as Earth MAGNETIC grid lines that you are exposed to while driving.

The EMR field produced by the car’s electrical system totally engulfs all occupants,placing them in a dangerous positive ion field which deprives its occupants of oxygen and depletes them of energy and may cause nausea and fatigue. Concentration levels of the driver may also be affected by these noxious energies.

The frequency of earth Magnetic grid lines that pass under the car while driving also has a debilitating affect on the occupants which an exacerbate the already noxious energies within the car.

The area directly above the fuel tank ,because of the noxious resonance of the petrol in the tank ,creates a major problem to the well being of the back seat passengers. The car harmonizer addresses this problem by raising the vibration of the petrol within the tank to a negative ion resonance ,thus eliminating the energetic problem.

Where to place in your car?

Most cars have a spare tire in the trunk, which is also quite a good spot to place orgonites, they won’t be too far from the trunk and it’s easy to lock them in place under the tire. The best effects, we believe, are obtained by induction, hence don’t put the orgonites in direct contact with the metal of the car, put them in a plastic wrap or something that is an electric insulator. Just look around in the trunk, there are always places to put small things like orgonites not too far from the tank, by looking under the carpets and fabrics, there always space.


Large orgonite for Big Cars of This is about 2kg, double induction, with a copper tube in the middle for the induction. (MADE BY ORDER).


Mini Orgonite cell safe is also designed to stick to the back of a cellphone and protect against Electromagnetic Frequencies' (EMF) - negative chi. The Mini EMF safe is made out of orgonite and so transfoms EMF into positive orgone energy (positive chi, positive prana). The principle of this orgonite application is the same as neutralising a (much larger and more powerful) cell phone tower with the much larger orgonite tower buster. We have tested this minibutton by giving it away for free to all our customers for a period of several months and listening to the extensive feedback.

This orgonite cell safe button contains black tourmaline, amethyst, quartz, copper shavings, and clear shiny epoxy resin. Black tourmaline absorbs negativity and electromagnetic smog, putting out pure, clean energy.

This 1″ device attaches to your phone with two-sided tape. Our mobile phone protectors are electromagnetic radiation shields that may be used not only on cell phones but also on any devices that emit EMF and EMR such as cordless phones, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners etc.

Orgone pocket talisman /purse disk-generator crystal-healing-reiki-chakra energy promoter

small size pieces of orgonite are ideal to carry in our pocket/purse, or to put on various places of the body like a talisman. A talisman is a small object that a person carries with them with the belief that the object will help manifest a specific end, usually to bring good fortune or to help in the achievement of a goal. . As orgonite of any size will change your energy field for the better, carrying a little orgonite piece with you will greatly strengthen your energy field. Double spiral copper coils are used with gold coating for better performance. 1. It contains 5%amethyst royal purple! Which creates a protective energy field around its user , assists in transmuting negative energies within the user and gives protection from external negative energies. It’s excellent for meditation and assists in the growth to your higher potential. Amethyst gives spiritual cleansing and expansion, relieves insomnia, and brings peace and calm. 3. 5%eye agate: wards off the evil eye. 5% carnelian: protects from the powers of the devil and harmful spirits. 5% moonstone: protects against the dangers of travel are mixed.




Food rejuvenation plate (to improve taste); This is the same as the coaster, just much larger and more powerful. Charges everything faster including large pitchers of water or whole plates of food. All of our orgone generators emit Far-Red Infrared Radiation.This Rejuvenation Disk is a very powerful total solution space clearer converting all known noxious Positive Ion energy fields to a healthy Negative Ion resonance. They will also protect the item placed upon it against radiation and given the correct situation this will be very beneficial.

You can use this disc for clearing and charging Water, Food, Herbs, Oils and supplements. Body lotions, tonics and shampoos improve their effectiveness after being charged and the residual energies have been removed with the disk. This charging disc is versatile as you can place anything you require clearing or charging on it such as Crystals, Rings, Bracelets and Pendants onto the surface.

Orgone charged water tastes softer and slightly sweeter and is noticeable by its energized feeling in your stomach, and also improves the taste of other liquids such as juices and wines, along with food.

Each charger includes healing magnetite, water energy mandalas,100% pure copper coils, gold coated yantras,Bross metal shavings and crystals like Amethyst, herbal granules,Obsidian, Blue Kyanite, Selenite, Jade, unpolished natural Quartz crystal point, ,and Hematite. This combination of crystals will help the disc self clearing/charging and will immediately charge the object placed upon it with high frequency Orgone energy. Customers have advised me that once they place oil's and herbs upon the disc they have noticed a difference in energy.


Square Orgone LAPTOP Charging Plate 23X23cm(1) Square Shape 23X23cm diameter, 2cm high. Contains amethyst as central stone, lapis lazuli, 8 copper wired white quartz crystals, 4 citrine, emerald, garnet, rose quartz , pearls. Selenite, blue kyanite and pyrite powder. Flowers and herbs (wild sage, lavender) from Mt Carmel. Gold leaves, copper coil and metals.

Ideal to place a laptop on it.
7 chakra healing with colour therapy glasses imported from usa cost is rs. 12000/-only.

Dhana Sakthi Stone ; Tune your wealth attracting energies through this powerful mysterious fossil stone orgonized with 15 energy tools . Keep this always with you for empowering u as an enlightened multi millionaire . 8 inch length 250 gram weight . Ideal for keeping in your pocket. Metaphysically fossil stone will assist one in business endeavors. Fossil stone will also assist one in manifesting ones accomplishments in business communication and innovation realms.Magical Uses: Releasing Stress, Healing Bones, Promoting Contentment, Drawing Information From Past Lives, Balancing Yin & Yang.You can make quick,abundant and ethical money through your business with this orgonite stone as accessory.

Orgone Water Ionizing Coaster Copper, Crystals & Magnets Inside

Orgone Energy Water Harmonizing Coaster!

Positively Charge H2O! Handmade item Diameter: 3.94 inches Height: 0.39inches Our orgone water coaster emits a high concentration of negative ions like the ocean or the ground. These in combination with orgone energy are powerful. A glass of water at top of our coasters will become Alkaline in pH to 7.2-7.5. This is considered by many to be healthier than acidic water. Our devices also reduce the TDS - Total Dissolved Solids (like heavy metals). Users report water is "lighter" and "cleaner" tasting. Juice will taste sweeter Soda will go FLAT faster - the orgone breaks all liquids up into smaller chains. Also available is a thicker model with extra aquamarine and tourmaline gems.

We set a glass of water on an orgonite coaster overnight, then placed the glass of water on the coaster in the freezer. The photos don't show every detail unfortunately, but there is a tornado-like spiral of ice crystals formed in the base of the glass which swirls up into the middle. Toward the top of the glass there are arches formed in the ice. It was quite beautiful and amazing up close. We also set a glass of water out overnight without orgonite, then placed it alone in the freezer so we could see the difference between the ice using the orgonite coaster, and the one without.
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Guruji Prof Dr.V. Sukumaran MBBS, MD (PED), DCH, MAMS, Ph.D, MIP (Aust) is the founder of Mind & Body Healing Centre who specializes in Child / Teenage Health Consultation, Holistic Energy Medicine Consultation and many other related fields.

We have a well organized and professional Health & Luck Shop, Life Health Energy Centre, Special Clinics, Energy Diagnostic Lab, Treatments and Therapies, Certified Courses and Research and Training Institutes. Furthermore, we also expertise in planning and designing buildings and structures on Vastu basis. Avail our entire range of products and services as per your requirements at most affordable prices.

Our unmatchable products are widely acclaimed for their outstanding quality, dependability and energy correction features. We offer a highly effective Vastu Consultation services through which many number of clients have been benefited across the Indian subcontinent. For offering timely service and practicing ethical business, we have gained popularity and acknowledgment from our clients.


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